Whether you need dry voice tracks or fully-produced radio Imaging . Joe Cruise is ready to audition today!
Barter and Cash options available, call today to have Joe Cruise on your station NOW!
Joe Cruise has been heard on great radio stations around the globe.
WPOW/Miami, KFRH/Las Vegas, KXOL/Los Angeles, KREV/San Francisco, KDEY/Riverside, KZZA/Dallas, KKFR/Phoenix, 5FM/Johannesburg, HITS/Nairobi, Jacaranda FM/Johannesburg, KAGM/Albuquerque, KAPW/White Oak, KHTO/Hot Springs, WMXJ/Miami, KMDX/San Angelo, KONN/Denver, KSAS/Boise, KORQ/Abilene, KRVC/Medford, KHKN/Little Rock, KWYD/Boise, METRO FM/South Africa, STAR/Cayman Islands, WJKC/Virgin Islands, WPRT/Nashville, WQAM/Miami, WRMA/Miami, WRSV/Raleigh, XFM/Cape Town and more.


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I worked with Joe Cruise for five years while I programmed Power 96 in Miami. There is no question that I am a huge fan of what Joe does, how he works and the way he sounds. If you're looking for a radio imaging voice that will set your station apart, talk to Joe and get him on your team ASAP! Joe Cruise is the real deal!
Tom Calococci, Program Director / WPOW Miami
11 plus years and multiple stations later, I can say that I’m lucky to have Joe Cruise as the Imaging Voice of KKFR. He’s on that Next Level!
Mikey Fuentes, Program Director / KSAS Boise
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